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Welcome To Eco Yogi!

Eco yogi started as an idea at the end of 2018.The question that popped up was: How do we affect the nature around us? Some of the tools we use to help us living the life we do, are either bad for the environment or we need a lot of energy to produce them. We wanted to create a space where people can come and first educate themselves about the ripple effect of their habits and then give them an option to switch it with something better, more sustainable. Give the solution to the problem. So, I start looking for products that are going to resonate with that idea. We will try to collect people that have the same vision and goals, and bring their products to us as well. Or create a special edition modified to our standards.

We hope to make a positive impact on everything we get in touch with…


Let’s talk about our product a little bit. What are the wheat drinking straws? Wheat drinking straws are naturally compostable and biodegradable product made from natural wheat stems. Yearly we produce over 600 MT of agricultural wheat waste worldwide and in under developed countries most of it get burned right away. And except from toxic substances carbon dioxide emission gets released as well.
And this is exactly what we trying to decrease to prevent huge climate change.
So, that valuable agricultural waste gets collected from farmers worldwide in exchange for a fair fee, those stems get hand selected, cut in a requested measurement and sterilized. No chemicals are added during that process. They can be used for any type of drink, hot or cold.

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